MANAGEMENT of investment construction and engineering projects

SAIK provides a range of engineering services for the implementation of large construction projects in cooperation with international contractors and designers, including the implementation of organizational and technical measures for the purchase of goods, works and services; technical support of the design process; technical support of the construction process; planning; budgeting; creation of a project office. To solve complex technical problems of SAIC, technical councils are created, whose members leading companies of the relevant industry, scientific institutes, experts speak. We have the necessary permits, certificates and authority to manage construction projects, support of the development of design and estimate documentation and the implementation of construction control over the implementation works for all civil and industrial facilities (with the exception of especially hazardous ones).

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ISE industrial safetyexpert

SAIK has all the necessary attestations, certificates and licenses required to perform work on the examination of industrial safety, diagnostics of technical devices and inspection of technical condition of buildings and structures, including a license to carry out expert examination activities industrial safety, NDT laboratory attestation certificate, certificates ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, etc. Currently, the Investment Group is also a management company and strategic partner of LLC INTERUNIS is an organization that previously held a leading position in the industrial safety expertise market and technical diagnostics in the Russian Federation, and in the performance of work relies on her experience and rich material and technical base, incl. one of the largest non-destructive testing laboratories in Russia and staff qualified experts. For more than 10 years the customers of INTERUNIS LLC have been the largest domestic and foreign companies such as PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Transneft, PJSC NK Rosneft, PJSC ANK Bashneft, PJSC LUKOIL, PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, GAIL (India) Limited, INDRAPRASTHA GAS LIMITED and a lot others.

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DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF SOFTWARE management systems for engineering and construction projects and remote control of industrial safety

As part of an integrated management of construction projects, we carry out the development and implementation of digital administration and construction management platforms, and we also offer the use of such a platform in as a software product for Customers and Technical Customers implementing engineering and construction projects. The digital platform integrates leading software products of domestic and foreign developers in this area, adapts them to the needs of a particular Customer.

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in matters of corporate activity LEGAL SERVICES AND CONSULTING

Since the inception of SAIC, one of the main activities has been advising Russian and foreign clients on business, management and protection of financial interests. We rely on the accumulated significant experience of participation in court hearings and processes of varying complexity, and also knowledge in these industries, which allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive legal business support or subscription services. Thanks to our qualified legal assistance repeatedly managed to resolve conflicts out of court, recover the damage caused, conclude amicable agreement in court or to prevent adverse consequences from non-compliance with obligations.

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SANITATION support and restoration of the activities of companies with signs of bankruptcy

We provide services to support and restore the activities of companies caught in a difficult financial situation with signs of insolvency (bankruptcy). Our approach includes:

  • comprehensive analysis of the state of the company (Due Diligence), development of ways (proposals) to exit the situation
  • based on the decision-making by the owners of the company and the conclusion of a service agreement, implementation the chosen path.

SAIC has experience in reorganization of companies in respect of which an insolvency case has already been initiated (bankruptcy), in a number of cases this stage is simply necessary in the framework of the reorganization. We also provide services in contractual, legal, accounting, personnel, financial and economic support of the activities of companies in order to improve the quality of the services provided (work performed), optimization of business processes, increasing the financial efficiency of companies

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