OOO Investment Group S. A. and K. is a distributor of the Zodiac Industrial Security Remote Control System (hereinafter referred to as the Zodiac Industrial Security Remote Control System). SDK PB "Zodiac" was developed on the basis of the domestic software package for operational monitoring and management of the infrastructure, services and business processes of the enterprise in real time - PC "Zodiac". SDK PB "Zodiac" allows 24/7 to monitor and analyze the state of high-risk facilities of enterprises, timely identify and signal the slightest deviations or prerequisites for deviations from their standard functioning, which significantly increases the level of industrial safety.

Functionality of SDK PB "Zodiac":

Additional features of SDK PB "Zodiac":

SDK PB "Zodiac" was finalized at the expense of the developers to meet the needs of the measures taken by the Government of the Russian Federation as part of the program "Reforms of control and supervisory activities in the Russian Federation", which involves, among other things, amendments to Federal Law 116 "On Industrial Safety" , defining the legal basis for the introduction of remote control and state monitoring in the field of industrial safety. These measures imply a phased transition by Rostekhnadzor to the use of a system for remote monitoring of industrial safety of enterprises as part of the implementation of control and supervisory functions. We are actually talking about the transition of enterprises to a qualitatively new, digital level of relations with the regulator for monitoring the state of industrial safety in the 24/7 mode, which, among other things, eliminates the human factor in the administrative regulation system. The system of remote control of industrial safety is based on the principles of predictive analytics and has a risk-based approach, which not only does not reduce the quality of state control in remote mode, but also contributes to an increase in the level of industrial safety on the part of the enterprise. The effectiveness of the functioning of the SDK PB "Zodiac" and its compliance with the requirements of Rostekhnadzor was confirmed by the implementation and successful operation at a number of industrial enterprises of the country's largest holdings operating in the coal industry, oil refining, petrochemistry, metallurgy, oil and gas production, etc.