Legal services

The Investment group has been working at the legal services market since 2001, in actual fact it is more than 17 years.

The area of our knowledge is not only Russian legislation, but also legislation of the CIS countries (for example, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan).

We are ready to offer our clients with a wide range of legal and consulting services, including:

We rely on the accumulated considerable experience of participating in court sessions and processes of varying complexity, managing various projects, representing our clients in civil, corporate, copyright, tax, land, labor legislation, the legislation on military and technical cooperation, housing legislation, legislation on insolvency (bankruptcy) (including on matters of bringing to subsidiary responsibility), on matters of protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

We are ready to offer our clients recommendations taking into account our knowledge in areas related to corporate activities, construction, securities, real estate, trade, and other types of activities. This makes it possible for our clients to solve legal issues in various areas and receive comprehensive services, including the legal support of business or subscriber-based services.

Due to our qualified legal assistance, we repeatedly managed to resolve conflicts through the pre-trial process, recover damages, settle out of court, or prevent adverse consequences from non-fulfillment of the undertaken obligations. Today remote provision of services is possible due to the development of modern technologies, including various instant messengers (Skype, What’sUp, Viber), which make it possible to provide verbal and written consultations, to arrange negotiations, to organize the collection of documents and coordination of clients' actions. It is also possible to send specialists on the instructions of the client. We value the time, take care of the issue of trust, and responsibly treat the privacy of our clients. Our goal is to provide the high-quality and qualified legal assistance and advice.